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No two sports are alike. How your feet and body move in one greatly differ from how they move in another. Unlike our competitors that offer one insole regardless of the activity, our insoles are specifically engineered for the unique demands of individual sports — leading to improved performance, increased comfort, and injury preventions. We have the sole for what’s in your soul.

RUNPRO Insoles

Sensational comfort. Optimized motion. Enhanced stability. It all adds up to greater confidence and improved performance step after step and mile after mile. Dominate any distance with RUNPRO Insoles. Engineered to keep you running.


Experience the ultimate in comfort, stability, and control. Whether your cleats are for football, lacrosse, soccer, or baseball, Super-Grip technology helps take your game to the next level of performance. CLEATPRO Insoles. Engineered to keep you on the field.


Specifically designed for optimum power transfer, BIKEPRO Insoles evenly distribute pressure to the pedal while stabilizing the knees and providing greater airflow. It’s time to pedal with power. BIKEPRO Insoles. Engineered to keep you in the saddle.


Prepare to slay the slopes. EDGEPRO Insoles deliver maximum control to your ski boots with a thermo regulation system that increases overall comfort for run after run. EDGEPRO Insoles. Engineered to keep you on the mountain.


More stability. More guidance. More environmentally friendly because they’re made from recycled material. No matter if it’s a short hike or an all-day outing HIKEPRO Insoles are trail ready. HIKEPRO Insoles. Engineered to keep you outdoors.


Rule the rink with HOCKEYPRO Insoles. They’re specifically designed to bring maximum power transfer from your feet to your blades — so you can bring better performance to your game. HOCKEYPRO Insoles. Engineered to keep you on the ice.


Take your performance to the next level with RUNEXPERT Insoles. They feature unique neuro-form and neuro-fast-effect gel dots to that tailor to your running style by optimizing your form. RUNEXPERT Insoles. Engineered to take you farther.


A productive work day begins with your feet. WORKPRO-ESD Insoles make long days feel shorter by combining a rigid custom arch support with antistatic cushioning. WORKPRO-ESD Insoles. Engineered to get the job done.



SUPPORTSTP Insoles provide the comfort and support you need for healthier feet. They deliver better stability with premium shock absorption and cushioning for wherever the day takes you. SUPPORTSTP Insoles. Engineered to keep you going.

ACEPRO Insoles

Serve up your best game. ACEPRO Insoles deliver ultimate comfort and stability with a deep heel cup, forefoot cushioning, and non-slip silicone surfaces. Dynamic Arch Technology distributes weight consistently under foot. ACEPRO Insoles. Engineered to keep you on the court.


Improve your stance, swing, and accuracy with GOLFPRO Insoles. A deep heel cup and forefoot cushioning offer the ultimate in comfort while Dynamic Arch Technology distributes the forces optimally under the sole of your foot. GOLFPRO Insoles. Engineered to keep you on the course.

LIFEFIT™ Insoles
LIFEFIT™ insoles provide the comfort and support you need for healthier feet. They’re the insoles that deliver better stability with increased metatarsal support, as well as premium shock absorption and cushioning for endless walking. That’s the CURREX Difference.
CURREX Gift Card
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Whether the athlete in your life runs, plays soccer, skis, or hikes, a Currex gift card will help to improve their performance while keeping them comfortable and injury-free. Help to keep them doing what they love to do with Currex.