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CURREX began with a plan to improve running shoes. But since then they’ve created different insoles specific to the foot movements of different activities. Running, soccer, hiking, skiing, they all have shoes or boots designed specifically for how the foot and body move while engaging in each respective sport. CURREX insoles used the same approach and created a full line of insoles that are specific to the movement encountered with different sports and activities.

RUNPRO Insoles

CURREX RUNPRO™ insoles deliver sensational comfort, optimized motion, and enhanced stability for greater confidence. They are your final step to better running.


Whether your cleats are for football, lacrosse, soccer or baseball, CURREX CLEATPRO™ insoles deliver ultimate comfort, amazing stability and perfect control. CURREX CLEATPRO is the world's leading replacement insole to improve the fit and feel of any cleat brand and model. Thanks to our Super-Grip technology, you will be able to perform at your best every time you take the field regardless of age-group or skill level. FEEL BETTER. PERFORM BETTER.


CURREX BIKEPRO™ insoles were specifically designed for optimum power transfer. They evenly distribute pressure to the pedal while stabilizing the knees and providing greater airflow. They are your final step to better biking.


CURREX EDGEPRO™ insoles deliver maximum control in your ski boots and have an increased thermo regulation system for comfort beyond their perfect fit. They are your final step to better skiing. 


CURREX HIKEPRO™ insoles provide more stability and guidance and are made from recycled material so they’re environmentally friendly. No matter if it’s long hikes or everyday walks, CURREX HIKEPRO™ insoles are the final step to better hiking.


CURREX HOCKEYPRO™ insoles bring maximum power transfer from your feet to your blades. They are your final step to better skating. 


RUNEXPERT™ insoles are designed and engineered for runners who want to take their performance to the next level. Their unique neuro-form and neuro-fast-effect gel dots help tailor your running style by optimizing your form.


WORKPRO-ESD™ insoles help make long days feel much shorter thanks to the combination of their rigid custom arch support and antistatic cushioning. Work more comfortably with WORKPRO-ESD™, the final step to better work shoes and boots.



SUPPORTSTP™ insoles provide the comfort and support you need for healthier feet. They’re the insoles that deliver better stability as well as premium shock absorption and cushioning for endless walking. That’s the CURREX Difference.

ACEPRO Insoles

Serve up your best game with CURREX ACEPRO™These innovative insoles deliver the ultimate in comfort and stability with their deep heel cup, forefoot cushioning and non-slip silicone surfaces. Plus, they feature Dynamic Arch Technology to distribute weight consistently under foot. Game. Set. Match.


Put more energy into every stroke with CURREX GOLFPRO™ insoles. Their deep heel cup and forefoot cushioning offer the ultimate in comfort, while their Dynamic Arch Technology distributes the forces optimally under the sole of your foot. Prepared to improve your stance, swing and the accuracy of your shots, these powerful insoles will help you crush all 18-holes.