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There are several reasons CURREX insoles are unique but the main two are their patented Dynamic Arch Technology, or DAT, and how they’re customizable for different arches.

DAT engages the muscles of the foot and works in natural synergy with it. It’s a flexible arch with the right amount of rigidity which creates extreme sensory stimulation and midfoot guidance on impact. Then, when released, it returns the stored energy to the foot. This stimulation reduces stress on joints, ligaments and tendons to help avoid injuries.

The other main difference that sets CURREX apart is how they’re customizable. Every type of CURREX insole is made in three different arch profiles – high, medium and low. The correct arch profile is combined with the user’s leg axis to find the perfect insoles to keep the foot in its optimal biomechanical position and reduce excessive foot motion within the shoe.

Dynamic Arch Technology and customizable arch support are next-level design delivering next-level performance.

Scientifically proven to be better insoles.

Science and technology are at the core of CURREX insoles. They’re a “must have” for European athletes and their comfort and support has been proven in a scientific study at the German Sport University Cologne which compared insoles in running shoes. Running shoes need to improve the shoe’s comfort without increasing stress underfoot.

In a blind test, experienced runners gave better wear-comfort scores to the dynamic-flexible construction of the CURREX insoles than to the more rigid construction commonly found in other sports-focused insoles. That technology was then applied to shoes and boots of other sports to develop the largest line of movement-specific insoles on the market. But they’re not just for athletes. Anyone who wears shoes can improve their support and comfort with of a pair of CURREX insoles.