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All CURREX insoles have a 60 day guarantee. CURREX will accept returns even if the product has been cut to the customer’s shoe size. See our return policy for more details.


CURREX EDGEPRO™ insoles deliver maximum control in your ski boots and have an increased thermo regulation system for comfort beyond their perfect fit. They are your final step to better skiing. 

Uses / Activites
  • Skiing (Downhill and Cross Country)
  • Snowboarding

The CURREX EDGEPRO allows the foot to have mastery in any shoe or boot with a firm upper. An optimal connection between the foot and the insole is the essential factor for maximum control. The heel centering NEO Touch Grip of EDGEPRO delivers precise turns when and where you need them most. Downhill or cross-country, no boot is complete without CURREX EDGEPRO insoles

Benefits of EDGEPRO

  • 1. Perfect Fit

    For more stability
  • 2. Super Grip

    For ultimate control
  • 3. Easy Entry & Temperature Regulation

    For better comfort
  • 4. Shock Absorption

    For additional cushioning
  • 5. Anatomic Support & Power Transfer

    For less fatigue
  • 6. Superior Cushioning

    For endless adventures

Fitting Information

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