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All CURREX insoles have a 60 day guarantee. CURREX will accept returns even if the product has been cut to the customer’s shoe size. See our return policy for more details.


Take your performance to the next level with RUNEXPERT Insoles. They feature unique neuro-form and neuro-fast-effect gel dots to that tailor to your running style by optimizing your form. RUNEXPERT Insoles. Engineered to take you farther.

Uses / Activites
  • Marathon Running
  • Trail Running
  • Training

RUNEXPERT insoles are equipped with gel dots under the big toe and heel to slightly change your foot strike for a more midfoot orientated running style. The placement of the gel dots under the big toe stimulate the flexor hallucis longus muscle. Developing this specific muscle will help deliver a more powerful push off in your stride. RUNEXPERT is the final step to increasing your performance.

Benefits of RUNEXPERT

  • 1. Perfect Fit

    For stability
  • 2. Unbeaten Comfort & Airflow

    For a better ride
  • 3. Neuro-Form-Effect

    For a continuous midfoot strike
  • 4. Anatomic Support & Dynamic Stability

    For less fatigue
  • 5. Rebound Push

    For powerful propulsion
  • 6. Neuro-Fast-Effect

    For muscle enhancement

Fitting Information

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